New Mon

New moon is a story about a American girl, who is inlove with the worlds most dangerous predator. A vampire !!. She had been with him 6 months. When her 18th birthday comes aorund her life changes theorectically.
During her birthday, as she is opening her presents, she gives herself a papercut, leaving her bleeding, around blood thurtsy vampires. Her boyfriends, vampire brother, Jasper Hale, hasnt spent as long resisting the blood, so he takes a snap at her. Making her boyfriend throwing her into cutlery in order to defend her.
This takes a bad turn on her boyfriend, he doesnt want her to be in continuos danger, so he decides to leave her, which sends her into a lifeless mode, even the dead would seem more alive than her. all of them leave.
^^^^6 months later^^^^
she then starts to hang around with human bestfriend Jacob Black, which heals some of her pain. she then starts doing irrational reckless things, that remind her of Edward her vampire ex- boyfriend so she decides to do more of this.
To remember Edward more clearly she reckons they could do that in the meadow they once laid in. So she goes there but is caught by an old aqquaintence of hers, Vampire, Laurent. Who wants to kill her, she is saved by a pack of wolves.
Jacob changes, leaving her mistified and alone. But he feels guilty as he promised her that he's never hurt her like Edward did. So he tells her to guess what has happened to him as he cant tell her himself.
After a nights sleep, she realises what his is by remebering what he told her last spring break. That the tribe he was from originally originated from Werewolves.
From hearing rumours about wolves killing people, she confornts Jacob accusing him of killing those people. Which leaves him practically laughing at her. He tells her it aint he or his pack killing people it is a vampire with red hair. Knowing who this vampire is, Bella goes into a frenzy, telling Jacob, Victoria is after her specifically. He then realises the others must...