Its Shit. but There U Go

Macbeth which is written by Shakespeare was set in the medieval times. The dagger scene is where Macbeth is ordered by his wife to kill Duncan just so only he knows about the true prophecies the three witches told Macbeth. This is the scene where his guilty conscience takes control and Macbeth starts hallucinating the dagger that he had killed Banquo with. “A dagger of the mind, a false creation”. Said by Macbeth shows that he is having doubts about whether he should have killed Banquo. He also says “A false creation”. This reveals that he is uncertain and is having second thoughts if he should go through with it. Also he is unclear whether or not the dagger is there. Shakespeare used a soliloquy to show how terrified Macbeth was felling. This exposes that the time Macbeth was having doubts and regrets ever murdering Banquo.
Similarly Macbeth is still unsure about if the dagger is there or not. This is why he questions himself by saying “to feeling as to sight?” Located in Act 2 Scene 1 it represents that Macbeth is uncertain as to whether or not he’s touching the dagger. We know this because he questions himself and is clearly hallucinating the sight of the dagger but is uncertain if he can touch it.   Also using a rhetorical question emphasises just how lost and uncertain he is felling.
Even before thinking to kill Banquo, Macbeth still has doubts and uncertainties when he faces the three witches that tell him the prophecies. When Macbeth says, “stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more”, it suggests that he is unclear about what the witches are telling him but want them to continue speaking as he maybe interested in what they’re saying. Using the word “imperfect” isn’t describing how they look like but tells us that Macbeth is having doubts about the witches and there prophesies. However by saying “tell me more” implies that he is fascinated about what the witches are telling him. This shows to us that Macbeth is uncertain about the witches but is still...