Israeli and Hamas

Israeli and Palestine in Conflict

One of the most controversial and politically sensitive conflicts in the world today is between the state of Israeli and Palestine. While the conflict between these two cultures is relatively short, since Israeli has only been a state since 1947, the history of Israeli and Palestine dates back to the cradle of civilization. The Jewish people have never had land to call their own. Until, the League of Nations in 1920, granted just that. This was however escalated due to the influx of Jewish people from to the homeland from Nazi occupied Europe. After World War II and the Holocaust the Untied Nations approved an area to be shared between Jewish and Arab states, which in turn Israeli declared their independence in 1948. Palestine has always existed, but has been settled by many different cultures. The Palestinian state has been home to everyone from the Phoenicians and Hittites, to the Babylonians and Greeks. More recently Muslim people from all walks of life moving back to their homeland and settling in the Gaza Strip. In 1948 the Arab states rejected the creation of a Israeli state, which spawned the first Arab-Israeli War.

Religion, Economics, and Geography play the biggest roles in the tensions between these two cultures. Palestine made up of mostly Sunni Muslims and Christian peoples. The Israeli states is over 75% Jewish with very low Muslim and Christian populations. With this said, it cause conflict and tension over religious dogma, creating a virtual powder keg of violence. Economics also plays a major role in the conflict. Israeli and the Jewish people have throughout history found way to make ends meet. The Israeli of today has an agricultural system that is completely self-sufficient, due in large part to their ingenious irrigation systems. Not only are they good at producing their nourishment, but they also make electronics, computers, and scientific equipment accounting for over 45.5% of their total exports....