Israel - Hamas Conflict

The Arab Story

The Arab Empire – 700-850 AD

The Ottoman Empire – 1500-1918

Events of 1915-1918
World War I Ottoman empire McMahon-Hussein Correspondence - 1915 -1916
McMahon - Arab revolt against Ottoman empire Hussein - Creation of Arab state

Balfour Declaration – 2nd Nov 1917
"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object”

Sykes-Picot Agreement Zionism

What this led to
Palestinian Riots
1920 1921

Hebron Massacre
23rd August, 1929 67 Jews killed Rumors of Jewish occupation of Holy Lands Similar attacks everywhere

1936-1939 Arab Revolt
White paper of 1939
Renounced Britain’s intent of creating a Jewish home in Palestine Confiscated all weapons from Arab population

Palestine in 1947 Jewish Settlements in orange

Palestinian-Arab settlements in Yellow

The story of the Jews

The story of the Jews
Displaced people History of Attacks
1648 Ukraine 1821 Ukraine
The first riot actually called a ‘pogrom’

1881-4 Russia
Few deaths, but much fear and property destruction

1903-6 Russia
Many deaths Much Jewish emigration to Europe and the USA

1918 Poland 1919 Argentina 1927 Romania 1933 Germany
The Holocaust

1945 Arab states such as Libya

Nazi Germany and Hitler
Perpetrated the worst ‘Pogrom’ in living memory Systematic elimination of Jews

Factory-like process
Concentration Camps
Jews - identified, labelled, moved, stored, abused and finally killed

Over 6 million Jews died

Exodus to safe countries
USA preferred destination

The Germans did not succeed in eliminating the Jews RESULT :: Need for a SAFE homeland

Jewish Immigrants - Palestine

UN Action
2 State theory
Palestine & Israel Israel – 55% Palestine – 45%

Rejected by Palestinian Arabs Jewish settlers welcomed it – Ben Gurion May 15,...

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