Is the Cost Oof College Too High

Is the cost of college too high
Paying   high   for   college education   is a   big   problem   for   most   of   the   residents   of   Earth.   High   school   expenses   has   became   a   nightmare   for   students   and   their   families.   But   on   long   term   basis,   paying   high   for education   and   getting   a   valuable   degree is   not   a   bad   deal.
It   is   evident   that   degree   from   a   college   of   good   reputation   not   only   provides   you   power   of   knowledge   but   also   empowers   you   to   get   a   better   paid   job   and   promotions.   A   college   degree   usually   brings   a   visible   difference   in   salary   and   job   status   of   an   individual.   So,   if   you   invest   today   you   will   surely   get   it   tomorrow.   Professional   college   not   only   provides   you   a   valuable   degree   but   also   empowers   you   with   skills   and knowledge   related   to   particular   field   and   enables   an   individual   to   have   diverse   job   options   related   to   that   field.   High   school   enables   individuals   to   work   for   their   nation’s   future   in   more   organized   way.   As   it   is   said   that:
“The   foundation   of   every   nation   is   the   education   of   it’s   youth.”
There   are   many   options   for   students   to   cope   up   with   too   high   college   fees,   such   as   student   loan   services.   Many   colleges   have   scholarships   on   merit-cum   need   basis or   on   need   basis.   Students   can   get   them   if   they   are   academically   outstanding   and   needy   too.   There   are   many   part   time   jobs   available   and   students   can   make   money   for   their   college   fees.   Students   can work   even   during   their   vacations   to   get   some   extra   money.
So,   from   above   discussion   it   is   evident   that   fees   of   college   is   not   more   than   it’s   benefits.   Students   should   try   hard   and   should   think   upon   generating   means   of   income   for   their   bright   future.
Very   well said   by   Andy   McIntyre:
“If   you   think   education   is   expensive,   try   ignorance.”