Is College a Right or a Privilege

Ray Duplessis
Prof. Simakowicz
English 1030
17 October 2011
Is College a Right or a Privilege?
From as early as elementary school students are told that a college education is the key to success. The graduates who go on to be successful in whatever they choose to do give us examples of it everyday. The university lifestyle also prepares one for the world they must enter after they graduate and gives them a sense of independence. But even with that being so, college is not free nor is it for everyone. There are many people who have become successful without the experience of university. One third of the richest people in the world have no college degree. So does it make them less qualified or educated than someone with a degree? The answer is no. Yet, it is embedded into the youth that without this experience it is almost impossible to become successful. College is great in many ways but it is not needed to achieve success. The privilege of college in our society is confused with the right to be successful.
From the time children start school they are taught that they are limited and school is the key to their success. Elementary school is the beginning you are taught the basics of our society and how everything works. Then there is middle school where the basics are restated with more detail. High school is where one begins to find their true interests and become prepared for college. But college is different from these levels of schooling. In some cases college may not be needed for one to pursue what they feel they want to do with their life. College can help in many ways for people who want to go into
a professional field they aren’t experienced in, but for the people who know what they want to do with their life and have a plan for themselves college would be pointless. But in our society we are taught that anyone without a college degree is not going to be able to get a job and they will be unsuccessful. So if college is needed for people to be...