Is God Real or a Myth

Erika Edwards
December 19, 2010
PHI-103 Intro to Philosophy and Ethics

Is God Real or a Myth
      How do we know God Exists, or if in fact he truly exists?   What proof is out there to help guide us to the truth?   Is it just by faith or is it by senses that let us know if something is concrete or not.   If one did a survey of this question what would be the results?   Before I took philosophy my answer would be that the majority of people would answer, God is real.   Now, I honestly don’t know what the top answer would be.   It is astounding to learn that not everyone believes in God.   The numerous worldviews I’ve learned about, remarkably illustrate the chaos that we hear occurring in this world.   There are groups that believe God exist and there are groups who believe there is no God; they claim he is a myth, made up by humans.   So are they trying to say God is made up like Santa Clause?   This is funny because I see Old St Nick at the mall once a year and still conclude that he is a fictional character.   True, he looks real, he can even talk to me, but he is just a man impersonating the made up character of Christmas.   My proof that he doesn’t exist came to me as a child, when I learned that it was my parents who in fact supplied the gifts that I once thought was provided by Santa.   This illustration does not apply to God, He is a matter of faith and other reasons I’ll show later.   Other groups hold on to their beliefs of God as well, each claiming that they have proof to their claims.   In this essay I will identify the defensibility and validity of God with Naturalism and Rationalism.
      “Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving: that his origin, his growth, his hopes and fears, his loves and his beliefs are but the outcome of accidental collocations of atoms,” quoted by Bertrand Russell (Nash 1999).     Naturalists believe that the physical universe is all that the world is made of, a world that consist of only...