Is Abortion Morrally Right

Schools as a combat zone really frightened me for any future children that I may have. To actually believe that you have students frustrated with the system that they merely come to school to disrupt class and bully other students. This is why you have many of the tragic, terrifying school incidents that you hear and see on TV. This seems to come from a bullied child that has grown weary of attending school in fear in the presence of a bully. So they bring guns to schools for their own “protection”. For example, in the case of the Columbine High School during the 1999 shooting rampage that left 14 students (including the two shooter) and one teacher dead and 23 wounded also, including a shocking incident in which a first grade girl was shot and murdered in a Michigan elementary school by a six-year-old classmate, reminded Americans that children are not safe from violence even when at school.
  1. Juveniles Rights- the legal rights of juveniles offenders come from a case of Gerald Gault, along with another boy that were taken into custody in Gila County, Arizona, for allegedly making obscene phone calls to a neighborhood woman. The two boys’ parents were not notified of their detention. Gault was committed to the Arizona State Industrial School for the remainder of his minority (6years). The case was appealed based on the issues that Gault had not been advised of his rights, deny the charges or cross examine the only witness against him. In 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren who handed down the Gault decision which resulted in the right to notice of charges against the juvenile, to counsel, to face and cross examine witnesses, to refuse to answer self incriminating questions, to a transcript of the proceedings and the right to appeal.