Figuring out what value system or systems one fits can be harder than one thinks. For me I feel I fit in several if not all of the systems dependent on the subject. I feel that certain aspects of legalism should be followed by all such as a man should not lie with a beast and of course adultery should not be committed. However I do not feel that homosexuality is an abomination. To see a my brother naked is not something I would want to see in the first place however I do not feel a law and punishment should be enforced if it should accidently happen.
Situational ethics I can also relate to because if one feels that an abortion is right for them at that moment then they should be allowed to do what they want with their body. However, I do not feel that is should be used as a birth control.   This is probably where the ethical relativism comes in. I feel that people should understand that there are plenty of families out there that want a child and they could always do adoption. However at the same time who am I to say what someone can do with their body just because I feel that morally there is another choice besides abortion. Each person has to find what they feel is right for them and pray that the next will not judge them for it.
All people should be able to seek out what pleases them or brings them the immediate happiness they deserve, hence hedonism. Asceticism is probably the only one I do not relate to because I feel there is too many uptight people in this world already. Without sex or some type of release personally for me would be detrimental.
Leaders of our communities usually do what they feel is right in making laws for our communities. With Utilitarianism I feel I relate because I believe in some of these laws that are for the greater good. Prime example would the age of consent laws for sex. I usually use Rationalism with most of my decisions in life and who I have relations with. For example it really is common sense to use a condom if you are...