Your Opinion

I have handed out 3 cards to you and I will explain what they are for later in this speech. Good morning Mrs Blakeway and class. Before I start my speech today I   wish to state that I do not mean to offend anyone. We were asked to talk about a topic that we feel strongly about. Today I will be talking to you about a womens right to choose safe and legal abortion… Imagine if you did not have this basic right?

The term the abortion refers to the delibrate termination of a pregnecy.   Abortion in Australia remains a subject of state law rather than federal law. The grounds on which abortion is permitted in Australia vary from state to state. In every state, abortion is legal to protect the life and health of the woman, though each state has a different definition.

Around the world there are different rules concerning abortion. From being completely legal in some parts of the world, to being punishable by imprisonment or death in other parts.

Now I am going to explain what the cards are for.I have given you three cards one red card, one yellow and one green. In a minute I am going to read you a statement if you agree with the statement hold up your green card, if you disagree hold up your red card and if you don’t know hold up the yellow card. These instructions are on the board.

The statement is that “the number of abortions do not change wether it is legal or illegal.” If you agree with this statement hold up your green card, if you disagree hold up your red card if you don’t know hold up your yellow card.   Now, take a second to look around.The fact is that the abortion rate does not change at all wether or not is legal or illegal. What does change is the rate of deaths of the mother.

Abortion in NSW is legal if a doctor finds that there are valid economic, social or medical   reasons that an abortion is required. at any point during pregnancy. There is no abortion on demand, you   have to under go an assesment by a doctor before the procedure takes...