Invisible Children

Brittanee Loomis
English 101
Dr. Cunningham
Invisible Children
About a year ago, I was at a normal Sunday church service at The Crossing Christian Church. At the time I was seventeen and attended the youth service. However, on that particular day, the service was different. They had all of the kids watch a special presentation from a group called Invisible Children. They showed a movie called Tony. That movie opened my eyes to one of the most tragic living conditions I’ve ever seen. In places like Uganda, there is currently an army of child soldiers known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) run by an evil dictator, Joseph Kony. He captures children from their homes and families and forces them to become soldiers in his despicable forces, teaching them how to fire weapons and cause havoc throughout the country. Consumed with fear of being abducted by the dictator, children resort to hiding places at night with the hopes of avoiding the terror that continues to wreck the lives of so many African families.
“Once one has been to these challenging, terrible places, they’re always strangely drawn back because there is nothing that can compare to seeing the raw reality of the basic need for human survival, it disgusts and inspires.” –Dan Eldon.
For twenty years, Joseph Kony has been at large. He terrorizes every place that he goes to and steals the most precious things from a family, their children. Who is Joseph Kony though? He is the self-proclaimed distant cousin of the woman who started the Holy Spirit Movement, Alice Lakwena. In 1986, the president of Uganda was Yoweri Museveni (leader of the National Resistance Army) and he was enduring skepticism from the Acholi people. He, “launched a brutal search and destroy mission against former government soldiers throughout the north,” leaving many innocent Acholi people dead. As a result, many resistance armies were formed, but only one survived. The LRA persevered, destroying thousands of homes and...