Investigating Businesses - Richards Paints and Ikea

Activity 1
Task 1 – Controlled assignment- Investigating Business

Reasons I chose Richards Paints
I chose Richards Paints because it is a small, local business that manufactures and sells industrial paint and delivers paint direct to customers. Richards Paints is also a business to business and has a website that you can browse and visit the place and interview people in the organisation.
It is also a small independent company operating from purpose built premises close to the Midlands motorway network. Affording excellent access to companies around the world.   Another reason why I have chosen to investigate Richards Paints is because I wanted to compare the differences of a small, local business to a large worldwide business which has lots of stores across the world.

Research and Planning
I planned to carry out my research by having a face to face interview with someone from the business, visiting the place, looking at leaflets and brochures, looking up Richards Paints website to find any information or to see if they had any TV adverts.
But at the end I carried out my research by having a face to face interview with Martyn Round who was from Richards Paints as he answered most of my questions, tries finding some leaflets or brochures but could not find any, but I managed to find information about the business on the internet on Richards Paints official website providing information.
I chose these methods of research because they are straight forward and easy.

|Methods Of Research                       |Advantages                               |Disadvantages                             |
|Face to face interview                   |They can answer any of your questions     |They can be biased and not tell the truth|
|                                         |that you want to ask, and you can speak   |so that there company will look good.     |
|                                         |to them directly.                         |They might not answer your...