How Information Technology Has Improved Business Transactions

Nowadays, the advancement of technology is more evident. Most people depend on

technology for their everyday life. Just imagine how the ancient sending messages using

domesticated pigeons in the 11th

would not want to use the modern technology if it speeds up everything?

The internet has then proved that technology had changed the culture of the people. It

had effects on the fields of education, communication, and even business. The computer and

internet are one of the greatest inventions of the 19th

the computers in the U.S. military but now it has conquered the whole world. Starting from

the academic research up to the global communication, internet is a very helpful tool. It makes

many things easier, more accessible, and faster. With just a click of a mouse, a lot of information

can be accessed. Information technology is a general term to refer to the industry relating to

computers and software managing the information. Information technology is very useful in

storing and retrieving information (Schneider, 2013). The internet is one of the industries related

to the information technology.

Starting with communication up to important aspect of research, internet has a role

to play. With the introduction of e-mails, communication and file sharing become fast.

Convenience is at its peak especially when the social media sites like Friendster, Facebook, and

Twitter are created. These applications are even upgraded with the incorporation of chats and

video calls. With the use of internet, expressing ideas and discussions are a lot easier than before.

However, it is noticeable that freedom of speech in the cyberspace has been exploited by many.

century have evolved into the use of cellular phones. Who

century. Internet was started to connect

There are opinions expressed in the internet that is harmful to other people and affects other’s

dignity. There are some who uses this medium...