Monica Reans
Mrs. Nolen and Mrs. Cheney
Senior Project
November 18, 2010
I was born on Barksdale Air Force Base on October 6, 1993.   My mother and father divorced when I was very young. Throughout my whole life, I have gone back and forth between them. This has put me in many different houses and many different schools. I have attended St. Joseph’s Elementary, Riverside Elementary, North DeSoto Middle School, Youree Drive Middle School, Caddo Magnet High, Southwood High School, Airline, and Parkway.   I am currently living with my mother in Bossier.
While attending Caddo Magnet High, I was in the Gateway program, which is for the gifted students. I’ve been in Gateway since the third grade.   During my first two years of high school, I was in all honors classes and kept usually high grades. My junior year, I transferred to Southwood. There, I was in all regular classes, and still managed to do well. I spent the first nine weeks of my senior year at Airline High School, taking basic classes. I’m spending the second nine weeks at Parkway.   One thing that has been consistent throughout my high school career is the fact that English and Social Studies remain my two favorite classes. I’ve always had a knack for creative writing, and I love to read, so English classes come easily to me. I’m also enjoying psychology and sociology this year.
I graduate high school in December, and plan on joining the Army National Guard. I haven’t chosen a career in the branch yet, but my ASVAB results will help me. I’m looking for something in communications. I will be signing a two year contract first. At the end of the two years, if I feel like I still belong in the National Guard, I will renew the contract. If not, I want to get into social work. I want to work in Child Protection Services.
My senior project has much to do with a goal of mine. I look around and see how horribly low income children are treated by our government. I notice every time an abused child...