Introduction to Marketing

Carolyn Fayson-Booth

Phase 1 DB part 1

Professor: Stephanie Miclot


Revised from 1/11 Professor Constantinos Scaros, HIST 125 and updated from 12/17/12 until present

Date: 05/22/2013

Hell Professor and Classmates, my name is Carolyn Fayson-Booth. I am 51 years old; I am married with two birth children, one birth grand baby, and three nephews. I helped raised my two nephews (Jesse and Anthony) from my big brother, which their mom gave up to my mother. My baby
brother David was in jail for natural life, he sign papers for my mom to keep his son. My mom was not able to raise them with my mentally ill grandmother and my sick father that had cancer. So I took my big brother Jesse kids in my home at the age of 2 and 5 years old until they turned 20 and 22 of age. I took my baby brother David son at the age of 3 days old, she was and still has a drug addiction problem, and my nephew is now 22 in College doing very well.
I have all my children animals still at home. I have three Iguanas, which belong to my son
Jewon name Wanne, one belong to my oldest nephew Jesse name Jed and one belong
to my baby nephew Anthony name Toebe. I have one cat that belongs to my daughter Frandrika name Precious. I have two dogs, which one belong to my husband name BK and the other to my nephew that I raised from 3 day old name Jermaine his dog is name BA. Also, my husband Joe
has two bird names Fefe and Coco. Fefe is an African American Gray and Coco is a Cocktail am proud of my kids and nephews; the oldest child is my nephew Jesse, which has one baby name Lil Jesse who is 4 years old now. Jesse finish High School and have a good job at an auto place, which now pay good money. Jesse learned how to work on cars on the job and being at that job since a year after High School. Jesse brother, which is Anthony the middle nephew, which
has an disable problem that loves to watch TV and go to different event at the learning disable school, but for some reason Anthony...