Introduction to Marketing

I.       Situational Analysis:
1. Include the current industry
            A). Coca-Cola
i. Beverages
ii. Retails
iii. Whole sales
iv. Convenience stores
v. Restaurants
            B). Market Size
I. Largest beverage company in the world
II. Sold in over 200 countries
III. Own or license over 500 nonalcoholic beverages
IV. Coca-Cola currently controls 34% of the soft drink market
V. Revenue market ( $2.788 billion)
          C). Growth Potential
1) Building competitive advantage by partnering with our customers
2) By working together with our customers to position our company to seize opportunities for growth as economics all across our territory after we come out of the stagnation.
3) Establishing our leadership in the marketplace
4) To make over $600 Billion in retail sales by the year 2020
5) Generating strong cash flow to support long-term sustainable growth
        D).   Competitive Environment
a) PepsiCo, Inc. is coke biggest competitor
b) Dr Pepper Snapple Group
c) Nestle’ Water Company
d) Currently Coca-Cola has the largest share on the market
e) PepsiCo comes in second
          E). Future Opportunities
a) Inventing and developing new market plans
b) Improve their pledge for sustainable corporation
c) Planning on generating more online ventures

II.     Product Positioning Strategy:
a.     Choose a positing strategy for your product designed to change the perception                           of the current product by the targeted customer group.    
i. Become a part of our customers daily lives
ii. Make their product accessible to customers
iii. Continuing aggressive advertising to bring in new customers
iv. Having their product in every grocery, convenience store, and restaurants
v. Offering their products at a decent price
vi. Organize
vii. Continue to focus on events that connect their customers

III.     Customer Profile:
                          A). Demographics
I. Age: 15 to 25
II. Gender: male and female...