Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition

Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition
Quality management is emerging as an important business practice in daily operations. Companies want to ensure they create a high quality performing product or service to its customer that meets or exceeds its customers’ demand. Some programs of quality management are Six Sigma, Theories of Constraint, and Total Quality Management (Importance of Quality Management, 2010).
The practice of quality management in business is important to companies. Some important reasons are product quality, customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and teamwork (Importance of Quality Management, 2010).
In this paper, quality management will be discussed in regard to its effect on organizations that operate in the domestic market and international market. The organizations chosen are Southwest Airlines and British Airways. Southwest Airlines operate domestically and British Airways operate internationally.
Similar Processes between Southwest Airlines and British Airways
Southwest Airlines Company is a major low-fare domestic airline, which offers a reliable product with commendable customer service. Today Southwest Airlines is the nation’s largest carrier in regard to passenger boarded. Southwest Airlines flights are within 37 states, and serve 72 cities.
British Airways is a full service global airline. The airline has year-round low fares with an extensive global route network that offers flights around the world. British Airways is the largest international airlines in the United Kingdom.
The process used by both companies is Total Quality Management in the improvement of their services and operations.
1. Both companies are customer-focused and their vision is to increase the company’s value of its goods and services offered to the customer. Data is reviewed and collected in regard to the customer satisfaction of the services provided. In using this type of strategy (customer-focused), the...