Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Introduction To Interpersonal Communication

In the definition of analyzing the difference of communication in human nature, it consists of the process of making sense out of what you hear and see throughout the world and try to   share your understanding with others by creating another means of communication through which you would use verbal and non verbal messages.   Some of these signals are making sense in what we experience and how and what we interpret with what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.   Sharing sense is another way that we experience communication with others, creating a meaning such as the expression of an artist or musician or any professional career that someone enjoys and they share they accomplishment with someone else which represents the sharing process of communication.
Interpersonal communication would be represented by being honest which is a key element of ethical communication, the underneath of Interpersonal communication.   People feel you in some kind of way, and from your own confidence, people feel the strength and determination in a positive way, which makes communication so much easier.
Impersonal communication is a lack of the environment, or lack of emotion.   Someone who just comes to work because it is a job.   There is no pride or commitment, other than waiting for the check to come.
In order to survive in this world we live in now, we must be interpersonal and willing to be open to positive critisim and also share our ideas with others.   Not afraid of sharing is something that is held back in the work place.
I get along well with people from all over.   Different nationalities, sometimes can not even speak the language, but we manage to communicate through facial expressions, hand expressions, and if needed we use objects, point to something to express what we are talking about.   My friends are all nationalities as I mentioned, Jamacian, African, French, Spanish, Greek, Columbian, Puerto Rican and many more.   This give...