Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication

Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication

Enter the appropriate purpose, audience, tone, and content for the message to your instructor and the message to your classmate.

Use the Tab key to move from one cell to the next. The cells will expand to accommodate your text.

Audience Tone Content
Instructor Message
To ask certain details.
(AKA) boss Formal To the point. Good grammar

Classmate Message To be communicative
Or to get others input
classmates Informal Outlined, but iformational

Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication

There are many ways of looking at this scenario. If having trouble understanding an assignment and I was going to approach my instructor I would still want to keep a very positive and informal tone.   I would explain to the instructor and show the points of assignment I was understanding. By being very formal also asking questions as to how the instructor could better help me understand the key factors in the assignment. As I approach and ask my instructor I would also keep what I call a very positive attitude not putting the instructor down in any aspect. More so of asking specific questions for help I guess you could say.
In a class atmosphere or approaching my classmates you don’t have to be so formal or keep that all positive tone I was speaking of early. I would ask what they got out of the assignment kind of look at it from there point of view and see if I understand or see it the way the are. If I did than I would think them for clearing up the muddy subject. If not then you might question there opinion or discuss it more into detail. Probably be a little more opinionated than anything when discussing with classmates.