Introduction and Features of Raw Material Mill

Introduction to the Raw Material Mill

Raw material mill is mainly used in the grinding of the cement raw, which is also suitable to grind various ores and other grinded materials in the metallurgy, chemical, electricity and other industrial and mining enterprises. It refers to both dry production and wet production, which can also simultaneously grind and parch. And it can be applied to the open flow grinding and cycle circuit grinding composed of power concentrator as well. The transmission type of the raw material mill is rim drive, which is compact structure and small footprint and thus greatly saves the user investment. The raw material mill adopts large cover, namely the end closure and hollow shaft are overall casting. Because the large cover and discharging system use the unique streamlined design, which reduces the ventilation resistance, enhances the effective volume, easily discharges and then improves the productivity of the mill. The raw material mill is single-chamber structure; grinding lined plate is combination design. Aiming at the different stage, the raw material mill uses different liner structure, which greatly improves the grinding efficiency. The work pressure of the raw material mill is negative pressure, which effectively prevents the occurrence of the power leakage. The drying hot air is introduced from the high temperature exhausted waste of the kiln inlet. The raw material mill uses insulation measures, thus the drying capacity of the materials can reach 6% to 8%. The electric control reserve DCS interface of the raw material mill can meet the users' needs of centralized control.

Features of Raw Material Mill:

1.The unique streamlined design reduces ventilation resistance, expands effective volume and improves yield of the mill. The final products are discharged smoothly.

2.Different lining structures in different stages of the mill, which improves the grinding efficiency obviously.

3.Negative working pressure to...