Hongxing Raw Material Mill with Low Energy Consumption

The Hongxing raw material mill has the advantages of low energy consumption, high grinding efficiency, strong drying capacity, simple process and large production capacity, which has already become the key equipment of cement grinding system. With an installed power of 3800---4200kw, the diameter of CRM5304 vertical mill is 5300 mm. It can be used in the raw material preparation system of the 5000-6000 t/d clinker production lines.

The change in raw material mix will realize positive system effects and is part of our ongoing optimization efforts and adaptation to challenging market conditions. The design and manufacturing of vertical mill, a core equipment in the grinding system of cement industry, has long been monopolized by European suppliers, while China's vertical mill localization has been developing quickly recent years. CDI, being devoted itself to the research and development of new technology, has also made great efforts to develop vertical mill. The plant has sourced power on short-term basis since the previous long-term contract expired in end-2005.The power contracts are a combination of new and existing power arrangements.

The commitment builds on the company’s sustainability mission to conserve and protect the resources upon which its business depends. Although Hongxing mill is a relatively minor user of palm oil, we acknowledge that responsible users of even small amounts of raw materials can impact issues via principled purchasing practices. The growers gathered to share results and insights about how their operations compare to others in the region, across the state and nationally.

The raw material vertical mill, with a grinding disc diameter of 3600mm and installed capacity of 2000kw, is designed for raw material preparation system of 2500-3000 tpd clinker production lines. It has the good qualities of stable running, easy operating and slight vibration. Under the precondition that ratio of 80? Sieve residue reaches 12%, the average...