The Lubrication Will Affect the Efficiency of Grinding Mill

If lubricants are inappropriate, it will reduce the effectiveness of lubrication of the ball mill. If you choose lubricants with low oil viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics will not be able to play the role of protective ball mill bearing,and may even burn the bush. In addition, if the bush is at the lack of oil, oil leak or the oil height not reached off given elevation,bearing face oil film is difficult to form.So in a ball mill usage, you need to regularly check thelubrication of every part of ball mill,in order to avoid more serious consequences.

The temper hardening of the ball mill lining plate:in the process of the little energy punch,the work hardening is generated and the hardness is raised by HRc5-10, that is to say the more you use,the harder it will be and the higher its wear resistance will be which equals to the performance of the high manganese steel.The technology for heating processing of the raw material mill lining plate:the compound heating processing method is adopted such as annealing,quenching,and double tempering.

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Ball mill's use environment is usually more complex,and the ball rod mill outside debris,dust,materials easily enter into the ball mill internal, especially into the main bearing face, then it may block the ball mill lubrication system's working components, so filling lubrication oil should be filtered and then added into the fuel tank, set guard during ball mill using.

When the ball mill grinds materials, the rotation of the bearing and ball impact make it run in a state of shock.If too long,its components may even wear phenomenon, so be sure to pay attention to the ball mill lubrication.The robust chemical elements are added appropriately which make it the ZM type ball mill lining plate of high toughness and high wear resistance.

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