Interview with Youths and Hiv

An acquaintance from a small circle of friends was interviewed for this task. He is a 20 year old, white male. I happened to mention the difficulties of identifying someone to interview regarding HIV status and possibly mental health. This male then volunteered as he has suffered from both of these problems.
In preparation for the research, I had thought and generally researched over the last few months the subject of HIV. Most materials I read from the National AIDS Trust website were frequently referring to the effect of HIV on mental health and I decided to look into this deeper.   I had a few thoughts on which avenue to go down and look for people to interview, so I rang the local sexual health clinic, where “the gatekeeper” (Harrie Churchill, 2009, Pg. 30) informed me that I would need authorisation from their legal department, if I wanted to interview one of their staff. The gatekeeper also suggested I look elsewhere for easier access to participants for my research, and I felt she was trying to avoid giving me access
I then started to consider the George House Trust, which is a HIV service providing support to people with HIV. When I rang them, they asked me to include the purpose of my research and details around the participants’ demographics and characteristics in an email. I have already submitted the email with the details of my research and I am awaiting reply, which will be in the New Year.
I have also arranged to meet a potential suitable second participant in the New Year as well.
Five tentative, open ended questions were devised for the first interview to be used as the Interview Guide (see Appendix A) in order to encourage conversations around the ideas being researched. Prior to conducting the interview, certain rules or principles were taken into consideration, as follows:
Criteria for choosing the participant(s):willingness to discuss the subject; experience in hospitals; availability; background...