Michael Moore, Director of Award winning documentary, “Bowling for columbine” is determined in his film to unveil the truth behind the columbine high school massacre, acts of violence and gun possession in one of the superpowers of the world and also his homeland, United States of America. Moore is willing to go to any extends to portray and promote his version of the truth whether it be by ‘hook or by crook.’ During the initial phase of the movie Moore spots an ad in the local Michigan paper which says that whosoever opens a bank account will get a free gun and Moore does so and obtains the gun. However, Moore made it look as if it was ‘a walk in a park’ whereas in actuality it took about a week to get the gun because the bank had to do a background check. Later on during his visit to Canada he goes to houses and randomly opens them to show that Canadians don’t lock their doors. Once again this fact was manipulative because in a population of 30 million people some houses are bound to be open. Here we observe that Moore lives up to his expectations of manipulating and editing data.
Moore later on interviews the Michigan Militia whose members McVeigh and Nicholas blew up the Oklahoma building killing 168 persons. Moore indirectly tries to point out that if firearm is so readily available catastrophes will occur.
Moore stops at nothing and also blames the media for using sinister techniques to instil fear and stereotyping black people. He strengths his argument by pointing out two incidents where white folks actually committed the murder and conveniently put the blame on blacks.
Moore also blames American foreign policy for increasing violence at home. He shows that the army is killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and other countries and also shows a factory in Sudan which was destroyed on suspicion of producing weapons of Mass destruction but turned to be producing Aspirin. He shows violent images of people being brutally murdered so that the...