Interpersonal Relationships

I am going to look at our people who are in the military, they are constantly working with one another on a day to day basis including deployments to various parts of the world in this there are alot of relationships formed. In order to be able to keep the relationship healthy. An understanding of perceptions , emotions, and nonverbal expression must be understood. While people are working in the same area everyone needs to recognize how the use of words can have a impact and affect the attitudes , behaviors and perceptions of all of the people in question. While the people in the military work to maintain a healthy relationship with one another they find strategies that will help manage any interpersonal conflicts. In situations such as these it is best if the people in question are aware of any personal situations that one another may encounter at any given time.
The military is not the only place where we should be aware of our interpersonal relationships, in our homes, workplace or even church it is important to be able to communicate verbaly as well as non verbally.Although interpersonal communication can encompass oral, written, and nonverbal forms of communication, the term is usually applied to spoken communication that takes place between two or more individuals on a personal, face-to-face level. Some of the types of interpersonal communication that are commonly used within a business organization include staff meetings, formal project discussions,employee performance reviews, and informal chats. Interpersonal communication with those outside of the business organization can take a variety of forms as well, including client meetings, employment interviews, or sales visits. In order to understand the principles of effective interpersonal communication, it is helpful to look at the basic process of communication.(answers, 2011 ).
I think that without realizing it we all are practicing daily of how to effectively maintain good interpersonal relationships...