Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Communication in your Relationship
COM 200

Dear Jason and Amber,
  I am writing in response to your request asking for some advice on interpersonal communication in your relationship. As you know my husband and I have been attending classes that help with communication in relationships. We also believe we can give you some dire advice based on our own personal experience since we have six years behind us. Being a newly engaged couple and asking for advice before marriage lets us know you are both serious in committing to one another. This also makes it seem you are both committed to keeping your relationship alive and well. The best advice I can give you is to keep your communication alive and well. In this letter I will give you some advice on the concepts of good interpersonal communication. I will explain what we have been learning in our classes and also what I can explain to how we have experienced this in our relationship.
    The first basic but important skill to communication is listening. Listening to each other shows that you both respect one another and care about what the other is saying. There are three important types of listening and they are: active, critical, and empathetic.   The first skill that we will discuss pertaining to the listening is actively listening. Active listening is assertive communication that develops a sense of trust.   In my personal relationship letting your spouse know that you are listening lets them feel important and build trust within your relationship. Actively listening in your communication will allow you to build trust because of the openness that it builds. Openness within active listening makes your spouse feel a connection which leads to building trust among the two of you.   Based on the interpersonal communication texts actively listening has four advantages which are: real communication, understanding, intimacy/trust, and appreciation of each other. These listening advantages create...