Internet Tools at Dirtbikes

Dirt Bike
Internet Tools at Dirt Bike

Jane Doe
George Washington
April 11th 2011

Dirt Bike Inc. is a company that manufactures and sells its own brand of off road motorcycles. In order for Dirt Bike Inc. to increase sale, better market reduce labor, and secure private
information some changes have to be made. The importance of this paper is to provide guidance on how the intranet and information technology services can be beneficial for Dirt Bikes.
Companies that start off small, and in time gain success, can only sustain that success by investing a percentage of their yearly profits back into the company. Over the years Dirt Bike has
evolved into a profitable company and yet they are still willing to find a new way of increasing sales, and making their company more relevant. Dirt Bike has a hundred or more employees that
divided up into different departments. There is a sales team, and marketing HR department (human resource) and an engineering and production department. Dirt Bike provides internet access
and desktop computers to its staff. But in order to become more effective and to better customer services potential clients and consumers changes need to be made. The Wiki (intranet extranet)
adding share point active directory ( AD) for better security measures and converting over to a voice IP systems ( voice over Internet Protocol VOIP) In order to increase sales and better market
the company, employees in the marketing and sales department will need to be able to become mobile and have better access to important documentation at any given moment.

Communication today in a business is very important, especially when working for a corporation. For that various reason alone, it is very essential for the company to have all departments
in working order to alleviate any problems in their business. Networking is very important for a business to run smoothly and effectively without further investing in technology it can damage,...