Internet and Future

Date   12/18/2011
The Future of Internet and Education                                                                                                                                                                          
This paper will provide information on the benefits of an online education full time or as needed for brick and mortar students.   President of learning resources network, William A. Draves predicts that within 20 years online classes will replace traditional lecture courses. (Draves, 1999). However at this time the lack of broadband connectivity in rural areas and the negative effect it has on education are already apparent.   The future of the internet will bring education and technology together so that all students no matter what their location will have equal opportunity at the best education possible.

Online education will especially benefit the special needs and handicapped students who cannot travel back and forth to a brick and mortar school. In rural areas such as Alaska there may only be one teacher for a whole community and the environment can get to such extremes that children cannot travel to and from school.(Yardley, 2009) Being able to get an education online in these situations can make the difference in falling months behind in school or staying current with an online education. Without online education students in these rural areas may never have the opportunity to further their education.

There is always an issue of broadband connectivity in our rural areas and how it will affect the future of online education. The placing of telecommunication infrastructures in rural areas to create this connectivity can play a huge role in the future of education, even though it is very costly. However, in the long run the benefits of having access to the internet will make up for much of the cost. Some benefits of online schooling are paper less education, less illness being spread, and days out for bad weather.
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