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On Chinese modern landscape design trend

As the result of the interaction between humans and nature , landscapes bear witness to past and present relationships between human beings and their environment. Chinese traditional Landscapes are part of cultural heritage and key components of local, regional and national identities. Though they are perfect as merits of world landscap designs ,but it has its own shortages as huxiaoyu said:Chinese traditional lanscape had gradually develped in to full fulfillment and reached the summit in China. But along with the curruption of feudal socialty ,it ended its step to grow. Chinese traditional landscapes are bonded by limited space , egoist mindset,prejudice favor to small scenery and details,thus there are few   scope for creating and changing. The situation is the traditional landscape can’t catch up our modernization. It can’t fullfil the public taste.
So as a result ,we blindly adopt western style without considered the regional situation. Just as zhou point out:the landscape styles of residential districts are the same all the way without any local charateristics. And some are even blindly and completely imitating Western classical landscape design, such as setting their classical pillars and status in order to creat luxury and extravagent atomosp here. Ignoring the regional situation will not only result in heavy costs but also bring damage to people’s   cultural-identification. For example the heavy costs in plants as zhouwenjuan point out   “blindly import precious plants” will costs lots of labor and money while the growing speed of the plants are slow and can’t ideal landscape vision in short time.” In some aspect ,the western style is far better than our traditional ones, so we have enough reasons to admire and adopt their merits ,but total cut off our past and our unique characters are meanless. We are willng to find our identity though the architectures ,espacial our identity for culture and history...