International Business Management

As a successful manufacturing company that specializes in top-end decorative pottery operating domestically and wishing to expand their investment and business across the national borders. Going international means to find a country where you can produce goods with low cost, sell with high profit without government interference and in an open market.
This study is conducted to find the best market to invest in, and having operating affiliate abroad according to PEST analysis.
As a Company going international our vision and mission is as follows:
Our Vision
To provide high quality products and our strong competition makes us one of the best manufacturers and marketers of decorates pottery products. And we are continuously looking for new opportunities to expand our business.
Our Mission
  * To exceed customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services
  * To generate high profit margins and sustainable growth to shareholders
  * To be an the best employer
  * To work for the advantage of society at large
The objectives that company seeks behind going international are mainly to grow and expand and for various reasons as follows:
Our objective
We are planning to go international seeking for an open market to introduce our products to new markets where we can expand our sales and revenue.
We are looking to find new sources of labour with lower cost manufacturing and qualified and talented workers with good back ground about the business.
We are looking to locate our business where the resources are easy to obtain and can be obtained with low cost and better prices.
Our objective from going international is to obtain new ideas and develop the products as a work force involves cultural differences and different back grounds that can lead to new ideas that help the company to grow rapidly.
To be financially stable we should diversify our investment portfolio. And by...