International Operation Managment


In an increasingly globalization economy, many firms are driven by the need to expand business to international market
Company which this essay is about is based in Pakistan in the city of Lahore which is well connected transportation wise and is one of the largest cities of Pakistan.
The company which this essay looks into is a leather manufacturing company established in 1988 it is a family run business and company is making leather garments for direct export orders and indirect export orders as well.
The present essay is about the leather garment manufacturing firm based in Lahore Pakistan. Company is expanding and looking for clients abroad.
We will look into different ways how company can go international.
The literature on the internalization process of a firm can broadly be divided into two streams of theories the economic approach and behavioral approach. (Anderson 2000; Benito and Cripsrud 1992; Mort and Weerawardena 2006).

In the increasing globalization economy, many firms are driven by the need to expand business to international market.
The decision to go to international market or the decision making process regarding internationalization of a firm moves around the choice of market, timing on entering the new market and mode of entry.(Betty and David 1997)

According to Anderson 2000 the economic approach has its base in economic and focuses on company environment. The basic assumption of the economic approach is that firms are quasi rational in their choice of investment and the decision makes has access to accurate information (Anderson 2000; Buckley, Devinney and louviere 2007.) regarding the country or market they are planning to internationalize.
Because as stressed by Internationalization scholars that the mode of internationalization is one of the most important decision that has to be made by companies. (Bradley, 2005)
Where as in behavioral approach the importance is to treat individual...