Interclean Employee Performance Apprasial

InterClean Employee Semi-Annual Performance Appraisal

Employee Name: ________________________________________________
Job Title: ______________________________________________________
Period of Report:     From:                                   To:______________________

PERFORMANCE TRAITS: 1.0 – Below standards/not progressing or UNSAT in any one standard; 2.0 – Does not yet meet all 3.0 standards; 3.0 – Meets all 3.0 standards; 4.0 – Exceeds most 3.0 standards; 5.0 – Meets overall criteria and most of the specific standards for 5.0.   Standards are not all inclusive. |
PERFORMANCE TRAITS | 1.0*Below Standards | 2.0Pro-gressing | 3.0Meets Standards | 4.0 Above Standards | 5.0Greatly Exceeds Standards |
PROFESSIONAL EXPERTISE: Professional knowledge proficiency, and qualifications | - Lacks basic professional knowledge to perform   effectively.- Fails to apply regulations and standards to   customized full-service packages.                                                                   | | - Has thorough professional knowledge.- Steadily improves skills, achieves timely updates     on standards and regulations.- Educates clientele on solutions/packages                                                                                                                                         |   | - Recognized expert, sought after to solve difficult     problems.- Exceptionally skilled, develops and executes     customized full-service packages - Completely mastered cost-estimate software;     teaches other employees how to use software- Trains other team members on emerging/current         issues concerning sanitation                                                                                 |
ATTITUDE AND CHARACTERAppearance, conduct, values | - Unsatisfactory appearance- Unsatisfactory demeanor or conduct- Fails to live up to organization’s values:     HONESTY, COMMITMENT, LOYALTY                                                                   |...