Institutions, Agencies, Services

CYP3.2 Promote child and young person development


Explain how institutions, agencies, services and your own practice can affect children and young people’s development

There are many different institutions, agencies and services that are used for children and young persons.   These are all services that children and young people and there families will have access to.     Theses service has a positive affect on the life of those that need the help and support out there.

The first subject I’m going to start with is Institutions.

An Institution is organization/establishment, for example “A School” A child goes to school so that they have the opportunities to learn and develop the skills.   Within a school establishment they will have services like LAS – Learning Support Assistant this would be for if a child needed some extra help with their learning for example “reading” then the child might have one-to-one to help them, this can have a positive affect on the child and the child will start to achieve in that area of learn, and with the encouragement the child will also progress in other areas to.

The school might also have access to service like a behavioural therapist, which is someone who will be able to help the child and to find out why the child is behaving like they are, the therapist then be able to work with the child so that the child’s behaviour improvise.

Second Subject agencies

An agencies Is an organization

Third Subject Services

Service for children and young people are Speech and language therapists – helps a child or a young person if they have problems with their speech, the Speech and language therapists will help a child or young person if they are having problems with their speech, e.g. find it hard to pounce some things that they are saying, the Speech and language therapists will then be able to help the child or young person, and then the child will start to fill more confidant.   The child or young person...