Insight and Self Awareness

Insight and self awareness, according to psychodynamic and humanistic therapist, are keys to helping individuals. This view is far from what a behavior therapist view. Behavior therapist use principles of learning to reduce or eliminate maladaptive behavior. Basically this means that while other therapy views concentrate on why factor, the behavior view wants to work to correct this behavior instead of explaining why this behavior is being caused. This is an example of a behavior view, an individual becomes depressed, and he now becomes aware of why he is depressed, him becoming aware of why he is depressed is not going to help him any better in leaving the depression mode. Rather than just letting the patient just gains insight on why they are depressed, behavior therapy works to eliminate the depressed symptoms or behaviors them all.The behavior therapy is based on the fact that we need to reinforce the desired behavior and total eliminate the undesired behavior Behavior therapies are the same principles of classical and operant conditioning, but as time passed, behavior therapies began to expand. Classic condition: like fears, some behaviors are learned through this classic condition. Though through counter conditioning one can unlearn the behavior to fear from something.
These are the two counter conditioning:Systematic desensitization is method that is based on classical conditioning that treats anxiety by getting the person to associate deep relaxation with increasingly intense anxiety-producing situations. Another conditioning is called aversive conditioning, it consist of repeated pairings of the undesirable behavior with aversive stimuli to decrease the behavior’s rewards. Another way to counter a bad behavior is to replace unacceptable, bad behaviors with accept be ones.