Becoming a Self-Aware Practitioner

DHL 0930

Becoming a self-aware practitioner


1.     Abstract                                                                                 Page 3                                  
2.     Introduction                                                                           Page 4
3.     The importance of reflection                                               Page 4
4.   What reflection means to me                                               Page 8
5.     Where it started                                                                     Page 9
6.     Where I am now                                                                     Page 10                                                
7.     How the journey has affected ideas about my role           Page 11
8.     How being a learner has affected my practice                   Page 18
9.     Where I am going next                                                           Page 20                                    
10.   References                                                                             Page 21

This paper is a reflective study that explores the learning and professional development experienced during a BA (hons) Education and Professional Development course. The focus will be on the critical reflection of two modules that have particularly influenced the author. The study will consider the importance and relevance of reflection as a development tool and compare appropriate models and theories that are useful for practitioner in the fields of health and education. This paper will consider the differences between the terms ‘reflection’ and ‘reflexion’ and what this means for practitioners. The paper will also examine reflection in terms of both an organisational and cultural context. The study will include the author’s personal perception of reflection. There will be a description of the author’s journey through...