Inside the Human Body(Reaction Paper)

A Reaction Paper:
Inside the Human Body
A video clip entitled “Inside the human body” gives us on overview on how great are body work in our everyday lives and what is the purpose of everything inside it from a single cell to the billions number of it and how it works in harmony with each other. On how this life started and how would it be till the last breath.
The Video have showed us the greatness of our human body from every inch from the day we were just a single cell till we die that would make us think that we are a great invention of the greatest inventor in the whole existence of life, who is God. The video clearly showed the clear explanation of the Quotation “Everything is made/happened for a reason” for God gave us the part of our body with its different corresponding use.
At a single glance to a human body would we come up to an idea on how it was constructed? Of course not so upon watching the video I have been so impressed that I does not really know so much in this world and made me think that there are so many things that I saw in my everyday life that gave me the feeling of great admiration in every great machineries, materials, inventions and discoveries but I never thought that upon looking at the mirror every day I could always see one that is so much more that what I just truly admired.
The video graphics are impressing and made me wonder how fast technology have evolved and it’s a great key that would open the door for us to enter the real world in where we does not know so much.
A drop of blood would not affect you but after watching the video I felt so fragile because of what I saw It made me think that every movement would affect me so much because I felt that I have known so much about my body it was funny that the video made me really think that everything that I would do would be dangerous for certain part of it.
It also come up in my mind that the one who made the video uses a woman human subject because there is more discuss...