Inside the Cia

Inside the CIA
Let’s admitted, we have all atleast heard of it once before. We have seen it from the news documentary to the action-pack blockbusters movies. Its acronym and meaning has been widely known throughout the entire world. It comes to no surprise why people are so curious about the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency belongs to one of the many agencies that protect the United States, for a safer life to the civilians in this country. Rising from the cold war, through their first initiation as a full service organization in 1947, their operations and even methods of solution has been kept secret from the public eyes, even domestic. But for us to understand their purpose of keeping everything a secret, including the people who work for the agency, we need to know why the CIA was created for. What jobs does it provides compared to regular jobs, and what was their purpose at the end of the cold war and after World War II.
The CIA was created in 1947 after President Harry S. Truman passed the National Security Act of 1947. Before the CIA, there was previously another organization that used to hold the same position as the CIA. It was named the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), and it was created in 1944 after it was proposed to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. After the cold war, the organization became part of the state and war department, putting an end to the OSS. The reason why was the organization created was because of the serious threats during the cold war that involve the United States. During this time there was a war going on between countries with spies gathering intelligence for war purposes. Although War World II was over, there was still a war going on. The function of the Central Intelligence Agency is to assist the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in carrying out the responsibilities outlined above. The CIA describe is function as “Advises the National Security Council and other Executive branch agencies concerning...