Inside and Evolving Mind - Huckleberry Finn

Inside an Evolving Mind
What if a person, reading a story, could not understand the feelings of the character? In literary works such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, writing the story from Huck’s point of view.   Thus we get the name The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.   To establish Huckleberry Finn using first point of view is important.
To create the character Huckleberry Finn, readers need to be able to understand the character through first person point of view.   To do that one needs to come into touch with Huck’s emotions as he encounters certain trials. An example of this is when Huck shows fear when his “father chased (him) round and round. The place with a clasp-knife, calling (him0 the angel of death and saying he would kill (Huck) (Twain 22).” Huck was then quoted saying “I begged, and told him I was only Huck (22)” The reader would not get that same feeling of urgency if the quote was written from a third person point of view, and not that of a son when his father wants to kill him.
A reader is able to see Huck’s thought process as he becomes more mature, also they are allowed a peak into Huck’s mind as he grows a conscience concerning slaves. Even when he plays a joke on Jim he feels remorseful even though it takes “ Fifteen minutes before (he) could work (himself) to go and humble (himself). . .but (he) done it and wasn’t even sorry for it afterwards neither.   (He) didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and (He) wouldn’t done that one if   (he had) knowed it would make him feel that way.(65)” Here in this quote his mind turned from his previous thoughts of black men being stupid and feeling less   to where he actually goes to feel guilty; by his thoughts we see he want to change. Nevertheless there are times when a reader needs and desires more from the passage then Huck’s point of view.
When a book is written in the first point of view many characters in the book lack a voice or an opinion.   Huck tires to tell people’s opinions...