Alcoholism: an Inside Look at the Disease, Problems Faced, and Resolutions

Alcoholism: An Inside Look at the Disease, Problems Faced, and Resolutions

This paper involves the definition of alcoholism. It has the different viewpoints of accredited foundations of what alcoholism really is, the disease itself, where the word “alcoholism” originated from and what the substance alcohol really is. It also entails what physical, mental, and social effects this disease has on the human body. It contains contemplation on what tools and appropriate procedures are needed for diagnosing and whether this disease can be accurately diagnosed. Included are many statistically proven facts, opinionated measures and laws that have been passed that can be used in the prevention of alcoholism. This paper fully explains; the disease, whether the disease is fully curable, diagnosable, preventable, and certain risk you may take consuming alcohol.

Alcoholism is a disease that is widely known across the world. This disease has a variation of definitions, many long term and short term effects on the human body, and a wide variety of tools and procedures used to help diagnose this disease. Along with these are certain tasks available to help prevent these problems and disease from arising in society.
Mangus Huss is the doctor who first coined the expression “alcoholism.” The first half of the 19th century was a period of heavy drinking in Sweden. In 1830, the country’s 3 million people drank 22 million gallons of alcohol. As a result of events in England, people began to worry about alcoholism. It was looked at through the population as the root of declining moral standards, crime and poverty. “Alcoholism,” had become a new expression. The prefix “alcohol” was the result from Huss’s medical observations. At that time “-ism” was a common scientifically used suffix used for description of a disease (Sorinia, 1990). What exactly is Alcohol?   Alcohol is comes from the substance yeast. When yeast microorganisms encounter water and plant sugars in fruits,...