Ing Crisis Communication Management

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2. Crisis pag.5
3. Context analysis pag. 6
4. SMART marketing communication objectives pag. 11
5. Marketing communication strategies and tactics pag. 12
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1. Company profile

ING Bank
ING Bank was established in the year 1991. ING (Internationale Nederlanden Groep) is a result of the merger between the ‘Nationale –Nederlanden’ and ‘NMB Postbank Group’. ING, a company with limited international business has evolved from an average Dutch company into a multinational company with various international activities.

ING is a global financial organization of Dutch origin. Nowadays, ING offers services such as banking, investment, life insurance and retirement services. In addition, ING focuses on international retail, direct and commercial bank. Nevertheless, the company wishes to create an optimal found for its independent future business in insurance operations and investment management. ING is currently active in more than fifty countries and it serves millions of private, corporate and institutional customers all over the world and manages their financial future. (Europe, North- and Latin America, Asia and Australia). In 2009 ING made the decision to separate its banking and insurance services. This enables ING to concentrate on smaller number of stronger businesses going forward. In addition, the company sees this a opportunity to stand out not only as a company but as a brand as well that is known for making finance easier.

Both services of ING (banking and insurance) carry the same name and logo. ING aims to provide its customers with smart, reliable and sustainable products and services to build and protect financial futures (ING, 2010).

This report will particularly outline the services, business management- and operation of ING in Belgium.

2. Crisis