Information Technology

Information Systems and Software Applications

Courtney Smith


June 28, 2010
Brad Hulce

Information Systems and Software Applications

A marketing department of a firm studies the market and what is called the target customer.  The department decides the best way to research these customers.  The department also works with the rest of the company to determine new product needs for the market.  This department must act as a guide and lead the other departments in developing, producing, and fulfilling these products for the customers.  The information needed for the marketing department is normally customer feedback. Since a customer is going to be purchasing a certain product it is important for the seller to listen to the needs and wants of the customer.  They have to understand the customers’ preference, attitude, and behavior.  They also need to communicate with other departments to fully profit from a product.  The department needs to know and understand the market.  They need to make reasonable decisions on marketing a new product with accordance to the market itself.  If the market is at a down fall and they are trying to market something really really expensive more than likely they will fail.  They use this information to understand what their customers want and what they should make or sell next. The software applications they might use are word processor, excel, and database applications.
    An accounting department measures measuring, processing and communicating information that is useful in making economic decision.   They are there to make sure the business is making a profit and not a loss.   It brings discipline on how to source money, how to spend , and how to save.   Accounting involves gathering of financial data, recording classifying, summarizing and communicate the results to the owners of the business, or to others allowed to receive this information.   There are many software applications used by accounts.   They consist...