Information Technology Textbook Summary

Kris Menace
CS140 Introduction to Computers

Information Technology Textbook Summary
Over the last eight weeks we have learned that society’s use of information technology is ever increasing. The evolution that has taken place over the last century will forever change the way humans live, learn and communicate. From texting friends to the way we fight wars, technologies will continue to emerge and make our lives simpler and more complex. Nothing can stop what we have started, but one thing is for certain, we have truly entered the digital age.
Using Information Technology textbook explains the introduction to information technology and how computers are increasing affecting our everyday life.   The textbook covers various topics such as the internet and how it works, operating systems and software, hardware input and output, networks, portability and personalization, data bases, security, and programming.  
In our daily lives we tend to rely on personal computers, video cameras, cellular phones, and digital cameras which we have all come to love and need.   Automated Teller Machines have also become a huge convenience to allow access to our finances at any hour of the day.   Each one of these products has continually become smaller and packed with more features. People will continue to rely on the current and upcoming technologies. We will likely depend on such things as computers to perform more and more of our most time consuming and dreaded tasks. We cannot be sure where all of our ingenuity will take us, but we know for certain that the advancement of computers will not slow down.
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