Information Paper: Army Prepositioned Stocks (Aps)


SUBJECT: Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS)

1.   Purpose: To provide information on the Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) program

2.   Facts:

    a.   The Army Prepositioned Stocks (APS) program is the foundation of the Army’s capability to quickly project power throughout the world by strategically prepositioning vital war stocks as a combination of land and sea based global projection platforms.   Additionally, the APS program supports our National Military Strategy and enables the United States to provide timely support in areas involving U.S. national interest or humanitarian needs. (FM 3-35.1, 1-1)

    b.   The primary purpose of APS is to:
• reduce the initial amount of strategic lift required to support a predominately CONUS-based force projection Army
• sustain the Soldier until sea lines of communication (SLOC) are established. (FM 3-35.1, 1-2)

    c.   APS uses four catagories of stocks:
1) Prepositioned unit sets - equipment configured into mission-driven sets and positioned ashore and afloat to reduce deployment response times.
2) Operational project (OPROJ) stocks - materiel above unit sets tailored to key strategic capabilities essential to the Army’s ability to execute its force projection strategy. OPROJ stocks are designed to support one or more Army operations, plans or contingencies.
3) Army War Reserve Sustainment Stocks - procured by the Army in peacetime to meet increased wartime requirements. They consist of major and secondary items to sustain operations by replacing combat losses and supplies consumed. Army War Reserve Sustainment Stocks are prepositioned in or near a theater of operations to be used until wartime production and supply lines can be established.
4) War Reserve Stocks for Allies (WRSA) - ensures United States preparedness to assist designated allies in case of war. WRSA assets are prepositioned in the appropriate theater and owned and financed by the United States.   (AUSA, 2)...