Social Work Agency Information Paper

Tajai Reed
Social Work 2100
November 7th, 2013
Agency Paper
                The agency that my group and I decided to do our presentation on was the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital.   Reason we chose this facility is because we wanted to think outside of the box, and challenge ourselves to an agency we did not know much about. Earlier this week, I finally got the chance to meet with Janet and Hilary. Janet is the leader of all of the social workers that work there, along with Hilary who happened to be her student, who she was interning. The interview went quite well. I was able to ask questions not only on their selves and the agency, but personal questions and advice they `thought that would help me further along in my social work experience.
                Starting with the agency, I was able to get a better understanding on how the CMH (Community Mental Health) works very close to this hospital. The Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital is a state funded Agency. Their job is to provide person-centered inpatient psychiatric service and support, respecting the dignity, individuality and cultural diversity of its patients. The Hospital was founded in 1859, by a young woman named Dorothy Dix. They provide help to those who are at least 18 years old or older.   In order to be a patient you have to be directed by the CMH. In other words, if I was knew someone who may be a danger to their selves or someone else I would contact the CMH. From that point, they will make deeper investigation and send those people to be checked in at the hospital. No one is allowed to just walk in and check in by their selves. Since this agency is funded by the state it does accept assurance. Luckily if you didn’t have any money, you would still be able to receive services. What I found interesting was that there were a lot of varieties of professional roles token place there. Not only were there social workers, psychiatrist, and psychologist but they had professional roles such as:...