Influences of a Celebrity

“Love Your Parents More Than a Celebrity”
Celebrities have a huge impact and influences on a large amount of people in the world. The influence of celebrities can be good or bad. Should parents allow their children to be influenced by celebrities? Many children and youth believe that it’s okay to imitate or to follow what celebrities do, when really it’s not okay. Parents and celebrities influence children differently when it comes to: lifestyles, behaviour and value.
Celebrities influence children differently than parents when it comes to lifestyles, behaviour and value. Most celebrities live a life that is full of parties, short term relationships, drugs and alcohol. Celebrities create impossible standards of beauty that girls believe. One example is that they have to be destructively thin. Girls would starve themselves so that they don’t gain any weight and become anorexic. “The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that eating disorders affect more than five million Americans a year.” Celebrities have such a huge impact that one first grade teacher even noticed that her students were using derogatory language and even flirting with each other. The movies “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and “Notorious” most likely have a huge influence on the boys with drug dealing. The movies both evolve around drug dealing, fights, abuse and infidelity in relationships. There are also female celebrities such as Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse who take insane amounts of drugs and check in and out of rehab.   Of the top twenty-five box office hits since 1995, 88% to 92% have contained tobacco use. This sets an example that is it acceptable to smoke tobacco. Another problem is physical abuse. Chris Brown beat up Rihanna which makes men think that it is okay to beat up their girlfriends or wives. Finally, one of the biggest influence that comes across my mind is suicide. Robin Williams committed suicide on August 11, 2014. Robin Williams was “a gently, kind man who...