Group Behavoir

Group Behavior & Self Image
An Assessment of Group Behavior & Self Image
For as long as I can remember there has always been cultural/group behavior that emphasizes on image and influences others to have a certain image.   Self-image seems to be very important to some as well.   As I learn more about social psychology and group behavior, I understand so much about myself and other people.   I understand the people around me, and the society, we live in today.   Everyone is different and that is what makes life interesting yet captivating as well.   Overall, I think society, the media, and people who surround us everyday influence us and our own social behavior and self image.

Group Behavior
Group behavior is very complex and interesting as well.   Group behavior is a whole system of communication and teaches us more about others and ourselves.   Amongst times like these, the true characters of those who surround us are profound and obvious.   I have always thought that people who are positive and optimistic are good company.   People who are negative and pessimistic are not.   We find out soon if someone has your back and is your friend or not.   I found there to several trends that effect and influence us on a daily basis.   While we are at school, work, with friends, or family we are influenced by others on various levels.   We get motivated and influenced by others because they project some sort of motivating trait.   On some level this intrigues us to display the same behavior.   This is interesting because this also reflects so many individuals self images.   Our self-image is important because it molds, who we are as individuals.   “We speak and think in words we learned from others”. (Myers, 2010, p. 7)

The study of social behavior is interesting because instead of analyzing reports or spreadsheets, there is a study of people, their emotions, and behaviors all in one.   As I mentioned earlier, it is very complex and a difficult task.   But in return it is a...