Infection Control - Health and Social Care Level 2

Infection Control
In this essay I am going to be discussing about infection control and how it is important to use correct PPE, also knowing what PPE you use within in different scenarios or how you use the correct PPE.
Firstly, within infection control there is legislation and regulatory body standards which is relevant to infection prevention also control, they are;
  Health and safety 1974
The health and safety act 1974 is to ensure that the act gives duty too all employers, also securing the safety, health and welfare of the people at work – also protecting others against risks to health or safety that a person may experience when doing activities at work. Thirdly, too controlling dangerous substances of where too store them also how to use them.
  Management of health and safety at work regulations (MHSWR – Management of health and safety at work regulations)
The management of health and safety at work regulation give a responsibility to the employers too asses as well as manage the risks too their employees as well as others that participate in work activities and Service users.
The employer should report dangerous situations, the employer should also use the equipment that isn’t faulty, it should also come with training also instructions of how to use the equipment. Lastly, too take adequate care of their own health and safety as well as others who could be affected by their acts. The employer must ensure that they put procedures in place which should be obliged by employees so this then could prevent serious danger for example a evacuation route.
  Health and social care act 2015
  Food safety act and Food hygiene regulations
The food safety act provides a guideline for all food legislation in Britain. The main responsibilities for all food business or for example a residential home as they provide a kitchen too cook meals for the service users. The responsibilities are too ensure that you do not include anything within the food that could...