Health and Social Care Level 3 Diploma

Understanding Health And Safety in a social care setting Unit 306
Ai       Health and safety Management of health
At work act 1974 and safety at work regulations
Key Legislation relating to Health and Saftey in a social care setting

The manual The personal
Handling protective
Operations equipment
Regulations 1992 regulations 1992

The provision and use Health and Safety
Of work equipment (display screen equipment)
Regulations 1998 regulations 1992

Health and safety policies and procedures protect people using social care settings by ensuring that their facilities are all up to standard, for example any building work or maintenance that is undertaken upon the service user’s facilities/ home, all complies with regulations.

Health and Safety policies and procedures protect people who work in social care settings by giving them guidelines to follow to ensure they are working to a correct standard and carrying out their role effectively. For example workers must follow procedures and report and record any accidents in the correct way this then safeguards them and the service user, also allows any prevention measures to be put into place.


Employer | Social care worker | Service user’s |
Identifying any risk’s or causes of harm and prevent them. This is part of risk assessments. | Inform employer of any potential risks and follow procedure to report them correctly. | Inform staff of any hazards or risks around then home/ unit. |
To provide adequate and appropriate training for staff. | To attend all relevant training provided. | |
To provide up to date and effective policies and procedure documents. | Read, understand and comply with all current documents, policies and procedures. | |

An example where responsibility for health and safety lies with the individual receiving care would be if they smoked. The individual should adhere to their provider’s...