Individual Experiencing Health and Social Care

The Individual Experiencing Health and Social Care

Are You Too Busy Caring to Care for Yourself?
Looking after a family member, partner         Feeling isolated,rustrated,resentful                                                                                     or friend who needs help because of their       Physically and emotionally drained                                                                       illness, frailty or disability and not paid?       Trapped, depressed and isolated?
Carers in United Kingdom experience one or more of the above emotions.                                                 Ultimately their health is adversely affected.
Your Local Authority can: Assess your care needs and,
Provide opportunities for leisure i.e. respite.                                                                                 Provide community carers/nurses.                                                                               Paying for nursing homes fees for your loved one
Allow yourself some help. Your health and well-being is as important as your loved ones.  


Caring for the health needs of carers                                                                             Introduction.
This leaflet was designed by the author because, according to The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, there is very little information in circulation that targets Carers and the well being of carers. During his clinical placement, the author saw very little printed information about care on carers and wishes to bridge this information gap. The author’s aim in designing this leaflet is, to raise an awareness of the services available for the utilisation of carers to ensure that, they have optimal care services and health well-being.  
According to Carers Direct (2009) in England alone, there...