Understanding Employment Roles and Responsibilities Health and Social Care Setting

Task B
Bi Describe the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement.
The following are set out in my Terms of Employment
  * Employer details – Address of Employer
  * Employee details – employees address/contact details
  * Commencement of employment – The date employee started
  * Job Title – The title of the job being undertaking
  * Nature of Employment – Employment is not temporarily nor fixed term
  * Probationary period – Up to a period of 3 months
  * Place of work – Location of Employment.
  * Hours of work – Hours that are expected and normal working hours / details of shift patterns / Breaks
  * Remuneration – details hourly rate hours worked during the day / nightshift/sleepover
  * Salary – details how I am paid and when and also details of any changes in salary
  * Car – If the employee owns a car they could only use it on the Employer’s business with the prior approval of the Employer and I would be solely responsible for ensuring that the car is adequately insured.
  * Overtime – Details of how overtime paid and requirements for Public/Bank/Statutory holidays
  * Holidays – Details entitlement which runs from April to March and the number of days that can be taken
  * Holiday Pay - Details how and when it is paid.
  * Training and Development – details training what is required for the role.
  * Sickness or Injury – Details in the event of sickness what procedures I must follow.
  * Pension – No pension in place
  * Notice – length of notice required to terminate employment7
  * Collective agreements – No collective agreements affect terms and conditions of employment.
  * No collective agreements affect the employees terms and conditions of employment.
  * Retirement – States the retirement age (65 years)
  * Suspension – Details what the procedure is if suspended from service
  * Expenses – Details of travelling expenses...